What do I take to the Tankkd rafting?

  • Goed humeur – zuurpruimen laten we thuis 😉
  • You can order a food/drink package from us, but you can also bring everything yourself to any location. Except for the witty well. (Here you can order a package)
  • Sunscreen if you prefer not to become a lobster in a big can
  • Sufficient water in hot weather

What are we whearing?

  • You can choose that yourself, only we would leave the stilettos at home 😁
  • Free tip: adjust your clothes to the predicted weather. Check with your local weatherman for this


  • Yes sure, you just raft in a large cattle drinking bowl


  • If they are good they can come along 😉. We provide the life jackets ourselves for up to 12 years.

Can we sink?

  • You can reverse with all vessels. Still, with our tanks you will have to seriously do your best to capsize.

Is it difficult ?

  • It is especially very cozy with the occasional spicy rowing.

What in bad weather?

  • We cancel the activity ourselves if it is not safe or fun to Tankkd rafting


If you have any questions, please send an email to: